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Message from the President & CEO

Mikio Sunaga
Mikio Sunaga
President & CEO

Over the years, Moriroku Technology has coupled Japanese manufacturing ingenuity with unique ideas and advanced technological prowess ahead of the times to address the global needs of our customers in line with the demands of the prevailing era and environment.

We are ever-grateful for the tremendous support from our customers and everyone else that has enabled us to continue such business activities and gain everyone’s confidence.

At the same time, the business environment surrounding Japanese manufacturing has changed drastically, and is in the process of becoming more and more severe.

In spite of this environment, we will continue to meet our customers’ expectations globally by striving to make further strides in our business, continually elevating the speed and technological capability behind our development and production efforts to new levels, and pursuing a manufacturing constitution through which we will provide increasingly high-quality, competitively-priced products.