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Corporate Officers

President and CEO Masaru Hayakawa
Director and Executive Officer
Administrative Division Supervisor
Hideo Tsukai
Director Takashi Kurita
Director Shigeru Mori
Corporate Auditor Ryuichi Akatani
Corporate Auditor Koichi Tada
Executive Managing Officer
Manager, Technical Research Center
Masayuki Kaneko
Executive Managing Officer
Production and Quality Division Supervisor
Kazuyuki Morita
Executive Officer
Global Development Supervisor
Kazuhiro Hashimoto
Executive Officer
Head of China Operations
President, Guangzhou Moriroku Technology Co., Ltd.
Akira Yamazaki
Executive Officer
Head of Asian and Oceanian Operations,
President, Moriroku Technology Thailand Co., Ltd.
Yusuke Ikuma
Executive Officer
Global Sales Division Supervisor,
Manager, Sales Division
Hiromi Morimoto
Executive Officer
Head of North America Operations
           North America Sales and Development Division Supervisor
Naoki Kurose
Executive Officer
North America Manufacturing Division Supervisor
President,Greenville Technology, Inc.
Akio Morimoto
Executive Officer
Manager,Kanto Plant
Shinichi Sakairi
(as of June 27, 2019)

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