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Notice of Relocation of Kanto Plant (Ohizumi)

As of Monday, August 22, 2016, the Kanto Plant (Ohizumi) of Moriroku Technology Co., Ltd. will be relocated to the location of the Company’s new plant.
Contact with our customers and business partners will be handled from the new plant from that date. However, for the remainder of 2016, the new plant and the existing Kanto Plant (Ohizumi) will be operated concurrently. Also, please note that the Meiwa Plant is scheduled to enter operation in January 2017.
Along with its relocation, both the telephone and FAX number of the Kanto Plant (Ohizumi) will change. Please refer to the below for the new numbers as well as the schedule of relocation.

Address following relocation/main switchboard number:

Inside Ota Tobu Industrial Park, 817, Higashishin-machi, Ota-shi, Gunma 373-0015

TEL 81-276-36-1000

New contact information for each department:

・Kanto Plant/Plant Manager and Administrative Department
TEL 81-276-36-1160 FAX 81-276-36-1170
*Certain operations will continue to be conducted at the existing office (Ohizumi) as well until the end of December 2016.
(Administrative Department(Same as before)TEL 81-276-63-7082 FAX 81-276-63-7379)

・Accounting Department
TEL 81-276-36-1162 FAX 81-276-36-1170

・Production System Department, Administrative Division
TEL 81-276-36-1186 FAX 81-276-36-1176

・Administrative Division
TEL 81-276-36-1163 FAX 81-276-36-1171

・Administrative Division [Incoming shipments office]
TEL 81-276-36-1164 FAX 81-276-36-1172

・Quality Control Department
TEL 81-276-36-1165 FAX 81-276-36-1173

・Production Engineering Department
TEL 81-276-36-1166 FAX 81-276-36-1173

[Molding department]
Manufacturing Section 1 (Molding Unit, Manufacturing Engineering Unit and Quality Unit)
TEL 81-276-36-1167 FAX 81-276-36-1174

*Certain molding lines are scheduled to be operated at the existing Kanto Plant (Ohizumi) until the end of December 2016.
Please direct contact to the new plant as a general rule.

[Coating department]
・Manufacturing Section 3, Coating Unit 1 (Kanto Plant(Ohizumi))
TEL 81-276-36-1169 FAX 81-276-36-1174

*Certain Coating lines are scheduled to be operated at the existing Kanto Plant (Ohizumi) until the end of December 2016.
(Coating Unit 1(Same as before)TEL 81-276-63-7145 FAX 81-276-63-7379

[Assembly department]・Manufacturing Section 1, Assembly Unit (Kanto Plant(Ohizumi))
TEL 81-276-36-1168 FAX 81-276-36-1174

*The Manufacturing Unit and the Administrative Unit of the Company’s Manufacturing Section 2 and Coating Unit 2 of the Company’s Manufacturing Section 3, which currently belong to the Meiwa Plant, are scheduled to be relocated in January 2017 (Contact information for these units will be the same as before.).

*The Company’s Production Engineering Division (New Model Development Section/Production Engineering Section), the Administrative Section under the Company’s Administrative Division (stationed at the Meiwa Plant) and the Mold Engineering Section under the Company’s Headquarters and Production Engineering Division (Mold Production Plant, Kawagoe), which had originally belonged to the Meiwa Plant, have been relocated to the new plant as of May this year, where they have since commenced operations.


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